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When all is said and done, Glasgow is a city of two halves: Those who support Celtic and those who don't. Whether you are a supporter or not, the club, like the city, is an exciting mix of the established and the new, full of humour, vitality and life, whilst maintaining a deepseated character that one should not treat too lightly.

We have put this website rtogether out a passion for the game, the club and the players - those currently in the team and those giants who have made the side what it is today.

Despite our critics, the average Celtic supporter is not the glazed-eyed, racist thug we are sometimes purported to be. Far from it. The vast majority of us, who travel the length and bredth of Scotland (and even Europe when we get the chance) together, in quiet, good humoured comradeship, with our families, to enjoy what for us ranks as the very best in entertainment. And whether we win or not, we return home at the end of the day, watch the highlights on the television whilst we do our ironing, wash the dog or attempt to help our semi-genius offspring get off the telephone and do their homework. This website is for we who are anti-racist, anti-violence and anti- anything that we can not be proud of when we talk to our mothers, wives and girlfriends. It is for us ordinary supporters who live to watch Neil Lennon (our manager) dance his dance at full-time.

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